Property PTPs supported by Smart contracts

Property and Offering Context Our global vision to bridge real estate with blockchain technologies requires experimentation; And while that is normal for crypto, nobody can blame a homeowner for being skeptical at least. That’s why in our total commitment to the project we’ve always planned to put our own property ... Read More

Cost of Living Calculator Colombia 2023

In the context of our series of articles about soft retirement in Colombia, we have created this quick cost of living calculator. We recommend to check the link if you get lost in the options. This way everyone interested in staying or immigrating into our beautiful country can have a ... Read More
Cartagena skyline sunset

Soft Retirement in Colombia

What’s soft retirement? This original concept describes a step or phase before retirement, usually well before and part of your retirement planning; This used to imply that this is an agenda for professionals well into their career, in a position to be able to forecast and balance between expenses, income, ... Read More